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Geeky Songs You’ve Ever Heard

Today was a boring day on my PC. Didn’t had much to fiddle around with. As I was browsing the web, jumping from one link to the other in quest for something interesting, a music video on youtube caught my attention. It was wonderful and perfectly defined me (nerd). I wondered whether there were anymore cool music that geeks would like.

Yes, us nerds have a peculiar place in the Music industry. Following is a list of songs that I personally love and admire. They totally ID our Nerd Tribe. What better songs to listen than these. And I bet you can’t beat them.

The Dream Machine

For the past 2 days I’ve been watching this documentary over and over again as I have a talk to give, and this has been a wonderful source for me. Just as I was watching the Part 3, I thought, why not share it with you guys. So, here it is…


Yesterday I had a great opportunity of presenting a talk (er “rambling”) in front of an audience of about 30-40, all of whom were of about my age. Most of them were my peers. My talk centered around a hypothetical concept called NUI (Natural User Interface) [pronounced - nuuueee].

Hello World !!!


This is my very first blog post on my very first blog.

Let me start by introducing myself. I am a person who loves programming, designs & develops websites & web applications, follows the Technology Industry’s latest & greatest happenings. I am a Technology evangelist and a Computer aficionado. Simply put,  I am a guy who lives and breathes technology. And when it comes to computers, to me, everything else is secondary.

Computers, Technology, Geek Stuff – all rolled into one.

Presently having a hard time thinking of the possibilities of creating the next big thing. Well, I know I exaggerated.

This blog is a pet project of mine which started off with a curiosity for blogging. In the course of time I’ll post my personal notions about the latest technologies, theories behind them, the historical stories centering technology,  the business of technology, the fun involved, and pretty much everything I can think of about the geeky world around me. I follow most of the latest news and all of the oldest facts in the world of tech.

Anybody who cares is welcome. Everyone’s life is touched by technology and we all give a damn about it for all intents and purposes.

Welcome to the world of bits and bytes.