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Hello Octopress

I started blogging in late 2011 and have been stuck with wordpress ever since. It was a sweet journey. Wordpress is great but it has its limitations.
Self hosting my blog with wordpress wasn’t an option for me as I don’t even know the a,b,c’s of PHP. So I had to have my blog hosted on wordpress.com. What does that mean? It meant that my blog was on a subdomain of wordpress.com.
Recently I registered the domain name ikramu.com and wanted my blog to sit on this domain. The good folks at wordpress asked me for a $13 fee to have my domain point to my wordpress blog. It’d be fine with me if I had the freedom to design my blog the way I want to, but that wasn’t the case. If I want to custom design my blog I have a very limited set of switches to turn and the rest of the design, which is a lot, is not accessable. Another downside was that I couldn’t embed javascripts in my posts. It was all frustrating for me.
Quite recently I learned about this incredible blogging framework called Octopress. That was my aha moment. It is incredibly easy to setup the framework and get started with, plus it gave me the independence to design the site as I want and freely host it using the free github pages service.

Octopress FTW!