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Yesterday I had a great opportunity of presenting a talk (er “rambling”) in front of an audience of about 30-40, all of whom were of about my age. Most of them were my peers. My talk centered around a hypothetical concept called NUI (Natural User Interface) [pronounced - nuuueee].

Before kick-off I was optimistic enough that I would perform well. But, when I took the stage, my hands started vibrating, my knees shaking and I initiated my age old problem of stuttering. In-order to eliminate this nervousness I started cracking some stupid nutty gags, to which of-course, I was the only one enjoying, for not a single person understood them. But never mind, because it helped me stay on my foot and  start the ball rolling. There were 3 talks before me which in fact were brilliant. And guess what, a friend of mine (one of the addressee) says that I alone took time > the collective time of the previous 3 talks, exaggerating!, maybe. I wasn’t able to finish it in time.

Lots of comments from the moderator, some even funny, probably true:

  • We’re running out of time.

  • The talk was a lot informal.

  • More devotion on the presentation rather than on the topic.

  • It wasn’t properly arranged.

  • etc…

I’ve got one more talk to go, and this one’s gonna be about the History of Computing. When is it? Today. Expecting to do well this time.

Following is the brief writeup of my little rambling of yesterday: Source:  wikipedia.org , nuigroup.com , wiki.nuigroup.com

What is an interface? Something that is present in between 2 objects/things.

What is a User Interface? Wikipedia definition: Space where interaction between user and machine occurs.

What is the need for a UI? For Human Computer Interaction. Then Why HCI? Because machines are fools, they need humans to tell them what is to be done.

Types of UIs (based on history)

  • Batch Interface, 1945-68. Dominant through mainframes. Batch of jobs is given before hand to the computer for processing it.

    • Non interactive.

    • No user interaction after the processing starts and until the output is achieved.

  • CLI (Command Line Interface), 1969-present. Coded inputs.  ex: DOS, UNIX, etc.

  • GUI (Graphical User Interface), 1981-present. Point & Click.

  • NUI- The technology behind the HCI is supposedly invisible. How it all started?

    • 2006- Christian Moore (open research community), nuigroup.com. Eliminating the traditional forms of user interactions with the natural human way.

    • 2008- Bill Gates; Touch,Voice,Vision… Microsoft Surface.

Concepts and Technologies

  • Gesture Control & Motion Tracking.

  • Multitouch

  • Natural Language Recognition

  • 3D immersive technology

  • Zero input

Microsoft Surface

  • Touch + Optical Recognition of objects

Xbox Kinect

  • Controller less game

  • Motion tracking & gesture control

  • Speech

  • Depth Sensors