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Hello Octopress

I started blogging in late 2011 and have been stuck with wordpress ever since. It was a sweet journey. Wordpress is great but it has its limitations.

The For-Each Loop

Iterating over a collection is uglier than it needs to be. Consider the following method, which takes a collection of timer tasks and cancels them:

void cancelAll(Collection c) {
  for (Iterator i = c.iterator(); i.hasNext();)

The iterator is just clutter. Furthermore, it is an opportunity for error. The iterator variable occurs three times in each loop: that is two chances to get it wrong. The for-each construct gets rid of the clutter and the opportunity for error.

What Does the Term “Full-stack Programmer” Mean?

It means a person who can work with databases, servers, systems engineering, and client work. Depending on what kind of client is needed that can mean a mobile stack, web stack, or native applications.

Basically when people are asking for a full-stack programmer they’re looking for the all-singing, all-dancing technical wizard. Or at least someone who won’t complain too much when asked to do some work outside their normal comfort.

Source: What does the term “full-stack programmer” mean?

Uncle John - the Father of AI

John McCarthy 1927 - 2011


In Lisp a long series of close parentheses - the more parentheses, the bigger the work being brought to an end.

Born September 4, 1927, John McCarthy was an American computer scientist and the first person to coin the term ”artificial intelligence” (AI). He invented the Lisp) programming language and was highly influential in the early development of AI.

Code Rush

My Personal Favorite, Code Rush is an inside look at living and working in Silicon Valley at the height of the dot-com era.